RESA 7 is charged with the task of empowering schools and school systems to develop life long learners that become productive citizens in the 21st Century. As a result of this mission, RESA 7 and its educational systems are changing to incorporate the latest technology skills, instructional tools and strategies to engage learners in becoming critical thinkers.

RESA 7 consists of a comprehensive conglomerate team of dedicated and skilled professionals understanding and valuing the importance of high quality and effective professional development activities. These teams create and deliver trainings to accomplish local, state, and national mandates for our twelve county school systems serving as the members of our educational partnership.

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Gabriel J. Devono
Executive Director



RESA 7 Winter Leadership Academy

The RESA 7 Winter Leadership Academy was held on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at Fairmont State University in the Falcon Center Conference Suites. The presenter was Tom Childers, Senior Faculty from the Common Core Institute.

Mr. Childers' Presentation (pdf)



2013 – 2014 RESA 7 Administrators’ Forum

Handouts for 5 August 2013

1) RESA 7 File Folder Contents (Supplemental Information) (pdf)

2) RESA 7 Agenda

3) Common Core Institute – Kevin Baird - PowerPoint

4) A Guide for Using Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (pdf)

5) Gettysburg Address Lesson Accelerated

6) Building Leader I Flier (pdf)

7) Building Leader II Flier (pdf)

8) School Leader Flier (pdf)

9) Howard Seufer Handout (pdf)

School Safety and Bullying – A National Perspective
WV Bullying Presentation 2012


Autism Guidance Document and Hot Topics for Administrators
Autism Guidance Document and Hot Topics


WVEIS Discipline Management System Updates
Discipline Management System PowerPoint
Discipline Management Cheat Sheet


Important Legal Considerations for 2012 – 2013
Important Legal Considerations for School Year 2012-2013
Seufer PowerPoint



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