RESA 7 is charged with the task of empowering schools and school systems to develop life long learners that become productive citizens in the 21st Century. As a result of this mission, RESA 7 and its educational systems are changing to incorporate the latest technology skills, instructional tools and strategies to engage learners in becoming critical thinkers.

RESA 7 consists of a comprehensive conglomerate team of dedicated and skilled professionals understanding and valuing the importance of high quality and effective professional development activities. These teams create and deliver trainings to accomplish local, state, and national mandates for our twelve county school systems serving as the members of our educational partnership.

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Ms. Kathy Hypes
Executive Director



Legal Personnel Issues for 2015
Attorney Howard Seufer
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RESAs - Sharing Services and Creating Efficiencies
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2014 – 2015 RESA 7 Administrators’ Forum
Handouts for 4 August 2014

1) Administrators’ Forum – General Information – Left Side of Packet

2) RESA 7 Agenda

3) Morris Morrison – Can You Play – Worksheet I

4) Morris Morrison – Can You Play – Worksheet II

5) Denise Spatafore – Policy 5902

6) Denise Spatafore – Policy 2460

7) Denise Spatafore – Cooper vs. Raleigh Grievance

8) Denise Spatafore – Adkins vs. Cabell Grievance

9) Denise Spatafore - Alderman vs Pocahontas County

10) Carla Howe – Data Use Power Point

11) Carla Howe – FERPA Quiz

12) Howard Seufer – RESA 7 Power Point

13) Howard Seufer – Recent Legislation and Legal Developments

Standards Based Mapping Design Project

The RESA 7 Common Core Committee is pleased to release the Standards Based Maps designed and created by your RESA appointed teachers. Please note these materials are posted in “draft” form and are a working document.

Please utilize these as a tool in your classrooms and counties to assist in curriculum design and delivery. We welcome feedback and will make changes in the coming year to best meet your needs.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Jeovanna Lacaria, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at 304-624-6554 ext. 222 or

Link: RESA 7 Standards Based Maps


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